Deep within the central mountain range of the Dominican Republic lies Jarabacoa, a region blessed for its microclimates and known for producing very high-quality coffee.

At an altitude of 5,000ft high, our beans are sourced from a Single-Estate coffee plantation run by the same family for over 40 years.

The ideal climate, shade and altitude conditions in Jarabacoa produce very unique-tasting coffee — deeply robust yet not overpowering, and a complex, nutty flavor.

Each year, our farmers continue planting a wide diversity of trees in the plantation, an effort that prevents soil erosion and maintains the perfect pH balance and soil nutrition to enrich the quality of the harvest.

Our beans are wet processed, which aids in premium conservation and ensuring the beans are mold-free. In addition, the Estate employs bio-digesters to recycle the cherry pulp and convert it into the methane fuel that helps power the facility.